Modular Operation Theatre

Medicraft Modular Operating Theatre is a custom-built, scalable, and adaptable surgical facility created for quick and successful medical treatments. The features they provide are as follows:

  • Flexible design possibilities to meet various surgical requirements such as regulated temperature, ventilation, and air filtration systems in a controlled environment.
  • Capability for integrating cutting-edge medical equipment
  • Installation that's quick and simple and causes no damage to existing facilities
  • Construction that is economical and ecologically friendly
  • compliance with global building and medical norms.

Modular Operation Theatre wall and Ceiling are made of 1 mm thick stainless steel sheets of AISI 304 grade, with the visible side having a satin/matte finish and coated with protective PVC film, which shall be removed upon completion of the Operation theatre, before handing over.

Anchor fasteners and fixtures of approved brands are used to secure the inner surface walls to the brick walls at equal intervals.

Seamless and homogenous wall panels have no cavities or projections at joints.

The vertical panels of the S.S. walls match flush with the curved skirting of the flooring without projection or cavity. There will not be any sharp edges and all corners are curved to avoid bacteria/fungal contamination.

The wall panels are supported to the masonry wall with stainless steel brackets and fixtures and use non-ferrous hardware. The door frames are made of 1.2mm stainless steel sheets of the same grade. Modular OT design and construction are provided with openings required for the later inclusion of additional equipment, and ease of maintenance, without affecting the rigidity and strength of the structure.

All four corners have return air duct outlets, the grill of which is made of stainless steel/Powder coated Aluminium. The joints between walls and ceiling (skirting) panels are connected by curved panels at a radius of 450mm.

The cupboards, cabinets and shelves inside the theatre, if necessary; are provided with hinged swing doors and shall be provided with locks. All provisions made in the Operation theatre ceiling for mounting other equipment i.e. Ceiling-mounted Operation theatre light, Pendants, Brackets for monitors, Cameras etc.

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