Operation Theatre FLooring

OT floor is laid with a single layer of 2mm thick homogeneous PVC covering approved for the construction of surgical cleanrooms, with integrated colour and semi-directional pattern, It is classified according to its particulate, molecular and micro-biological impact and best chemical resistance for the healthcare environment. It is coated with a photo-reticulated polyurethane surface treatment that provides a surface finish and cleanability. It particularly withstands H2O2-type decontamination processes.

  • Completely seamless, hygienic and easy to maintain
  • Unique flexibility for a watertight finish
  • Healthier interior with optimal indoor air quality
  • Monolayer homogeneous flooring with a high PVC content pressed in 2m sheets, with a thickness of 2mm.
  • The flooring has a Group P wear rating and is antistatic.
  • Resistant to chemical products and alcohol.
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