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Product Code: MLF 02

MEDICRAFT Ultra Clean Air Laminar flow System provides a low turbulence, downward displacement air flow, towards the operating zone. This air supply system combines the effect of both the air dilution and air displacement methods. The bacteria count in the OPERATION THEATRE can be considerably reduced, if good staff discipline is maintained and the supply air temperature is carefully chosen and maintained.

The system performs Sterilisation of Operation theatre environment automatically.

The latest state-of-the- art ceiling system is designed to distribute air as well as light into the operating zone, at the same time provide medical gas, power and electro surgical outlet at positions convenient to both the surgeon and anesthetist

The resulting flow pattern is well balanced and the entire operating zone is under the shower of clean air supply.As the flow pattern does not solely depend on any directed air jets there is less chance of it being obstructed by the ceiling mounted equipment.

The HEPA filters at the terminal create uniform backpressure so that the air can diffuse towards the operating table at a uniform velocity. The HEPA filters of efficiency up to 99.98% (0.3 microns) are mounted inside the supply air plenum, and can be maintained and serviced from below the ceiling. No undesirable ceiling access openings are required inside the operation theatre.