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We provide a total engineering solution for Operation Theatres to achieve zero bacteria sterile environment.

Our Modular Operation theatres with Ultra Clean Laminar Air Flow Systems conform to all global standards, meet all engineering architectural and clinical requirements, and are flexible enough to accommodate the future incorporation of modern equipment in a theatre complex.

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Our Products

Medicraft Modular OT

A sterile environment created by minimal air movement with dedicated package air conditioning system, specially designed to meet the air parameters as per NABH, constitutes a combination of specially designed air handling unit, a series of filter modules, and environment managing components.

Medicraft Laminar Flow System

MEDICRAFT Ultra Clean Air Laminar flow System provides low turbulence, downward displacement air flow, towards the operating zone. Air dilution and air displacement effects are combined in this air supply system. The operation theatre environment is automatically sterilised by the system.

Hermatically Sealed Sliding Door

A hermetically sealed sliding door is a door that provides a tight, airtight seal when closed. Cleanrooms with controlled environments where air quality is a concern, utilise this kind of door. The door provides simple access while maintaining the seal by sliding open and shut along a track. The door is designed to provide a controlled and contaminant-free environment by preventing the admission or exit of air, dust, or other contaminants.

Scrub Sinks

Our scrub sinks are specially designed for medical facilities, providing the utmost in hygiene and safety for both patients and medical personnel. It is made of stainless steel and is resilient to bacteria and other harmful elements, making it ideal for use in a medical environment.

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Our Clients

Client Testimonials

We strongly recommend Medicraft Technologies to engage them from the planning to commissioning stage of any future Hospitals, especially for super speciality projects.

- Anil Kumar. N. M.D.(Anaes)

Associate Professor - G.B Panth Hospital, Port Blair

M/s. Medicraft Technologies has completed the work to our satisfaction and within the allotted time frame.

- Dr. R. Rajendran Nair

Managing Director - OMAN Medical Complex

Technical and intellectual skills, professionalism and commitment to work undertaken and completion of the project on time are to their sole credit. In addition to the above all the prompt after sales services that we have received from him is always appreciable.

- Dr A. Srinivasan

Dean - Velammal Medical College Hospital

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