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Trusted medical equipment partner. 01 MEDICRAFT Ultra Clean Air Laminar flow System provides low turbulence, downward displacement air flow, towards the operating zone. Medicraft Laminar Flow System

Medicraft Laminar Flow System

Medicraft operation theater environment is managed by Ultra clean air ventilation system that supply downward displacement of air with air filtration and air dilution process continuously. This system provides a well-balanced air flow in the operating zone with assured air changes for a designed air volume, it also ensure precision control on air parameters such us temperature, relative humidity,  positive pressure, particle count etc

It consists of HEPA filters which give uniform back pressure so that the air diffuses downwards to the operating table. The downwards & outward air flow in a low turbulence  helps to  carry away contaminated particles  from surgery zone and prevents entry of polluted air from neighbouring areas.

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