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Trusted medical equipment partner. 01 OT floor is laid with a single layer of 2mm thick homogeneous PVC covering approved for the construction of surgical cleanrooms, with integrated colour and semi-directional pattern, It is classified according to its particulate, molecular and micro-biological impact and best chemical resistance for the healthcare environment. Operation Theatre Flooring

Operation Theatre Flooring

Medicraft use  superior quality conductive/ anti static imported ( GERFLOR/ TARKETT) vinyl floor as per international standards & specifications .There are choice of shades to choose suitable appearance.

Medicraft operation room floor surface is seamless, scratch-proof, and hard enough for wheeled trolleys to roll on. The floor is stain-free, anti-static, and conductive of high-frequency electric charges. The floor is provided with grid of copper film at the bottom. It is easy to clean, wash, dry, and maintain sterile.

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