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Trusted medical equipment partner. 01 Our scrub sinks are specially designed for medical facilities, ensuring the highest level of hygiene and safety for both patients and healthcare workers. Surgical Scrub Sink

Surgical Scrub Sink

The scrub sinks are made of heavy gage stainless steel  AISI 304 grade and are categorised according  to different sizes,  Mode of operations (knee/ sensor/ manual)and weathering conditions.

Medicraft follow the clean room standards. In  production techniques , which eliminate joints and sharp edges.

The design of scrub sinks and mode of operations  done in such a way that , the wastage  of water and  scrub solutions should be very minimum. Our models are less prone to shut down  and having less number of  moving parts .

The lates technology fabrication methods , consumables and surface  treatment process, which conforms ASTM standards , increases the life  and  aesthetics of stainless steel scrubs.

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